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Bring your Braintree data into Geckoboard using ProfitWell
Bring your Braintree data into Geckoboard using ProfitWell

Connect your Braintree account to ProfitWell, then use our pre-built ProfitWell integration to display your Braintree data in Geckoboard.

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While we don't directly integrate with Braintree, you can bring your Braintree data into Geckoboard using ProfitWell.

Within ProfitWell, you can connect to your Braintree account, then you can use our pre-built Profitwell integration to display your Braintree data in Geckoboard. Profitwell offers a free plan if you want to see how it works.

Step 1: Connecting Braintree to your ProfitWell account

  1. In ProfitWell, click on Settings > Integrations.

    Select integrations from the Account Settings menu in ProfitWell
  2. Click on Braintree from the list of integrations.

    Braintree highlighted as integration for ProfitWell
  3. Click Settings from the Braintree panel.

    Settings for connecting Braintree to ProfitWell
  4. Connect to your Braintree account and allow ProfitWell read access. You must be an admin on your Braintree account to do this.

  5. Wait for your Braintree data to import into ProfitWell. This process usually takes a couple of hours.

Step 2: Connecting your Braintree data to Geckoboard using ProfitWell

  1. Switch to Geckoboard and add a new ProfitWell widget.

  2. Click Create dataset under daily revenue and customer metrics.

    Click create dataset under daily metrics
  3. In the connection panel, enter your ProfitWell API token. This can be found by clicking ProfitWell API under the Core Data heading on your ProfitWell account's Integrations page.

    Enter your ProfitWell API token.
  4. In the connection panel, click Connect via ProfitWell. This creates a connection and authenticates your ProfitWell account.

  5. After you return to the connection panel, click Create widget to start creating your ProfitWell widget.

Example visualizations built using ProfitWell data

To learn more about creating dataset widgets, see our guide to creating visualizations from datasets.

Current MMR with a comparison value from yesterday
MMR line chart showing long term growth into target area.

Metrics supported in our ProfitWell integration

Geckoboard supports a wide range of metrics from ProfitWell, which can all be dialled in for specific time periods.

  • Total MRR

  • New MRR

  • Churned MRR

  • Upgraded MRR

  • Downgraded MRR

  • Reactivated MRR

  • Total customers

  • New customers

  • Churned customers

  • Upgraded customers

  • Downgraded customers

  • Reactivated customers

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