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Grant admin consent to connect OneDrive or SharePoint to Geckoboard
Grant admin consent to connect OneDrive or SharePoint to Geckoboard

Steps to grant admin consent when connecting OneDrive or SharePoint spreadsheet files to Geckoboard.

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If your organization has the security settings enabled below that require admin consent to connect applications to OneDrive or SharePoint, you will need the help of an admin to grant permission to connect to Geckoboard.

User consent settings for OneDrive and Sharepoint within Microsoft Entra ID also known as Azure

Step 1. Obtain a link for your administrator

  1. Create a new connection for your OneDrive or SharePoint account. You will receive the message below and need an administrator's help to proceed.

  2. Click on Have an admin account? Sign in with that account” to copy the link.

  3. Share the link you copy and this guide with an administrator and ask them to follow the steps below to grant consent.

Step 2. Grant consent as an administrator

If you have administrator permissions for your organization, you can grant permission for users to connect with Geckoboard using the link your team member provided.

Upon opening the link, you will be presented with information about the OAuth application and scopes requested to connect to Geckoboard. Review the scopes listed and determine if you wish to proceed.

❗There may be cases where an administrator does not want to allow all users to connect. If this is the case for your organization, the administrator should refer to Microsoft documentation on configuring user groups and setting permissions for the application accordingly.

Once consent has been successfully granted, you will be redirected and receive an “Authentication Required” message, as shown below. Please advise the user who requested help to return to this guide and continue following the steps below.

Step 3. Connect to Geckoboard again

Once an administrator has granted consent for users in your organization to connect to Geckoboard, you will need to return to your dashboard and connect a new connection with OneDrive or SharePoint.

If admin consent was successfully and correctly granted, as outlined in the earlier section, your account will automatically be connected, and you can begin building widgets.

Additional resources for administrators

Reviewing permissions for the Geckoboard OAuth app within Azure

Permissions can be reviewed within your Azure Enterprise applications portal.

If you do not immediately see the app, you may need to remove any filters you have applied and search for geckoboard. Once you locate the app, you can click into it, navigate to Security, and then Permissions to review scopes in use by Geckoboard, similar to the image below.

Changes to user consent permissions or app permissions

If the OAuth application permission scopes are changed in the future, Geckoboard will not be able to access data in the connected OneDrive or SharePoint account and will require users to go through all the steps to connect the account and also have an admin grant consent.

Azure built-in admin consent button

As shown in the image below, the Permissions panel provides a blue button for admins to grant consent to an application. However, this option does not grant the correct permissions and should not be used at all. If it is incorrectly used, all steps 1-3 must be completed again to connect with Geckoboard.

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