Tracking JIRA projects in Geckoboard

JIRA allows teams to track bugs and issues, along with planning and managing software development projects.

Which widgets are available for JIRA?

Geckoboard offers the following JIRA widget types:

  • Next Release
  • Number of Issues
  • Project Version Progress
  • Ticket Priority
  • JQL Ticket Count
  • JQL Ticket List

Which widgets are available for JIRA Service Desk?

Geckoboard offers the following JIRA Service Desk widget types:

  • Number of Issues
  • Ticket Priority
  • JQL Ticket Count
  • JQL Ticket List

How to locate your JIRA credentials

To connect your JIRA instance, there are three necessary items: the JIRA Host URL, username, and password. 

  • JIRA Host: Be sure to include the http:// or https:// prefix. 
  • JIRA username: If you're using JIRA on demand (through, this is different to your Atlassian login.
    • To find your username, log into your JIRA account. 
    • Click your profile image in the top right corner, then select Profile
    • In the section labeled JIRA Profile, locate the username field. 
  • Password: This is your JIRA password. 

Connect to JIRA and create a widget

To connect your JIRA instance and create a widget, follow these steps.

  1. On your dashboard, click Add widget
  2. Select the JIRA integration. 
  3. Next, select the widget type. In this example, we'll select the Number of Issues widget type. 
  4. If prompted, add your JIRA credentials or select the account in the Account field. 
  5. Next, add a Title.
  6. Select the Project you want to display Issues from. 
  7. Select the Issue Type.
  8. Select the Issue Status. 
  9. Select the Period you want to display. 
  10. And finally, select a Secondary Output, or None
  11. Click Add widget, to save and add the widget to your dashboard. 

Additional resources for using JQL

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