Track more metrics using Zapier + Geckoboard

Can't find the service you need to connect with or the particular metric that you want to display on your dashboard within our pre-built integrations?

You can try using Zapier + Geckoboard together! Zapier connects with a ton of services, so this is a handy and creative option to explore. 📈 📊 


You can find our list of pre-built integrations here, and the list of services Zapier connects with here.


Our suggestion would be to first explore our Datasets API, as this is a much more powerful and flexible solution. If Datasets isn't a feasible option for your particular requirements or situation, you should then definitely check out Zapier + Geckoboard!

To use our Datasets API and Custom Widgets, you must be on a Pro plan.

There are two types of data/metrics you can track with Zapier:  

  1. 'Event' type data
  2. High-level insights and trends, i.e. KPIs

Each type requires its own specific approach. Let's check them out! 🚀

Tracking Events on your dashboard

Events are basically exactly what they sound like - the real-time 'events' occurring in your business.

Examples of 'events'

The value of your latest sales order, name and email ID of your newest lead, the latest commit in your GitHub repo, NPS score given by the most recent reviewer, showing messages from a particular Slack channel, and so on.

For tracking Events, we'll use our integration with Zapier which works via our Custom Widgets

Understanding Custom Widgets

Though you may not really require it for this setup, it'll definitely be helpful to get a more in-depth understanding of Custom Widgets. You can check out our developer documentation and guide article

Important note

While Custom Widgets are a legacy integration, we have no plans to stop support for these. You can rest assured and use them without worry!

We support only three of the available Custom Widgets in our Zapier - Geckoboard integration: Number, Geck-O-Meter, and Text.

Need to use a different visualization?

You should explore the Tracking KPIs' method for Zapier instead.

We'll now cover the required setup and how things work for tracking events (i.e. using Custom Widgets) directly with an example.

Example with Slack

Let's run through an example, where we create a widget displaying the last message posted to a particular Slack channel.

  1. On your Zapier dashboard, click Make a Zap.
  2. On the Choose App & Event screen, search for Slack, then click on the Slack option to continue.
  3. From the Choose Trigger Event dropdown list, select New Message Posted to Channel, then click Continue.From the Choose Trigger Event dropdown list, select
        New Message Posted to Channel
  4. If you're using Slack with Zapier for the first time, you'll now have to connect your Slack account to Zapier.

    Click Allow on the request permission screen.Connect your Slack account to Zapier
  5. With all the fields complete, click Continue.
  6. Select the Slack channel that you want to display the last message from, then choose whether bot messages should be included.

    You'll next be encouraged to test the data.
  7. Next, on the App & Event screen, search for Geckoboard, then click on the Geckoboard option to continue.
  8. From the Choose Action Event dropdown list, select Update text, then click Continue.From the Choose Action Event dropdown list, select
        Update text
  9. If you're using Geckoboard with Zapier for the first time, you'll now have to connect your Geckoboard account to Zapier.

    In the pop-up window, enter your Geckoboard API key.Enter your Geckoboard API key
  10. In the customize text window, click Text to select the text you want to send to the text widget.

    From the options select Text.Select
        the text you want to send to the text widget
  11. Now return to Geckoboard. Hover your cursor over the empty dashboard square you would like to position your widget and click the + button.

    Alternatively, click Add widget, located in the top right of your dashboard.
  12. Search for Custom Widget using the Search sources field.

    Alternatively, you can also scroll down the alphabetical list of integrations until you reach the Custom Widget option.
  13. Click on the Custom Widget legacy integration.
  14. Choose the Text widget from the list.
  15. After giving your widget Title, set the method to Push.
  16. Click Add widget to return to your dashboard.
  17. On the newly created widget, click the Copy Widget Key link.Click the Copy Widget Key on your new widget
  18. Return to Zapier, and paste the copied widget key into the corresponding field.
  19. Select a display type for the widget: either Normal, Alert or Info. Now click Continue.Paste the copied widget key into the corresponding
  20. You'll next be encouraged to perform a test to see if everything's working.
  21. When it's ready you can turn your Zap on and see your finished Slack widget on your dashboard.Your finished Slack

Tracking KPIs on your dashboard

These are the different key metrics and trends that you want to track in your business. We have a useful section on KPIs if you'd like to have a read! 


The total sales this month, number of leads this month vs previous month, number of GitHub commits this week vs previous week, your NPS score, total number of messages in a Slack channel each month, and so on

Setup and process

  1. Setting up the Zap will be similar to the previous method. We'll then instead feed the results into Google Sheets.
  2. Google Sheets provides many powerful functions. You can use those functions to calculate and crunch the numbers within the spreadsheet itself and get the particular metrics that you're interested in.
  3. Then, using our elegant Spreadsheets integration, you can display those metrics on your dashboards.
  4. Finally, the whole process can be automated quite easily and you'll always have live, up-to-date metrics displaying on your dashboards!

Get help

If you have any questions about using Zapier + Geckoboard or need help with any Google Sheets functions or calculations, please get in touch with our friendly customer support team, and we'll be more than glad to assist! 😃

Happy Dashboarding! 📈 📊

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