Display Mixpanel metrics in Geckoboard

MixPanel is a real-time analytics tool that helps companies understand how users interact with web applications. It allows you to track not only page views, but the actions users take while using your application across sessions, platforms, and devices.

Important Note

Mixpanel’s free and startup plans have set data history limits. If you're on their free plan, any time ranges and comparison periods you set must be equal to, or less than, 60 days. For startup plan customers, this is set to 12 months.

Which metrics and visualizations are available for Mixpanel?


Our pre-built integration only supports the following areas of Mixpanel:

  • Funnels
  • Retention
  • Trends
  • Revenue
  • Events Number
    Show the total, unique or average number of events
  • Trends Number
    Display the count for a specific event/property in a period with optional comparison period
  • Retention Bar Chart
    Visualises completion rate over time for events as a bar chart, with optional goal line.
  • Trends Union Number
    Display a count for multiple events in a period with optional comparison period.
  • Top Event Property List
    Display a list of the top properties for an event.
  • Trends Bar Chart
    Display a bar chart of events with a property.
  • Revenue Number
    Display revenue for all or a specific property in a period with optional comparison period.
  • Funnel Completion Rate Number
    Display the completion rate of a funnel.
  • Funnel
    Displays Mixpanel event funnels.
  • Funnel Completion Rate Line Chart
    Visualises the completion rate of a funnel over time as a line chart.
  • Revenue Line Chart
    Display a line chart of revenue data over time.
  • Trends Line Chart
    Visualises event count over time as a line chart.


We use the event names as unique identifiers for Mixpanel events. This means that if multiple events have the same name, they'll only be fetched once.

Create a new Mixpanel widget

To create a Mixpanel widget for your dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Click Add widget, located in the top right of your dashboard.
  2. Search for Mixpanel using the Search sources field.

    Alternatively, you can also scroll down the alphabetical list of integrations until you reach the Mixpanel integration.
  3. Click on the Mixpanel integration.


Is this is your first Mixpanel widget? You'll need to connect your Mixpanel account to Geckoboard.
If not, you can skip to our example Mixpanel widgets.

Create a connection with Mixpanel

When adding your first Mixpanel widget, you'll be asked to create a connection and authenticate your Mixpanel account so that we're able to collect your data and display it on the dashboard. You only need to create this connection once – we'll take care of the rest.

To connect your Mixpanel account with Geckoboard, follow these steps:

  1. The authentication box will ask you to Name this connection. This will help you distinguish between multiple connections.
  2. You'll then need to enter your API key and Secret. These are required by Geckoboard to access your Mixpanel project. In your Mixpanel account, click on Account, then Projects to locate them.

    Important note

    Make sure you use the API key from Accounts, rather than the Token from your individual Project settings.

  3. Click on the Connect button.


    You can connect as many Mixpanel accounts as you need, but you'll only need to authenticate once per account.

  4. You're now ready to configure your first Mixpanel widget! Any Mixpanel widgets you create will pull in and display data from this Mixpanel account.


    When setting comparison periods for Mixpanel widgets it compares the previous period to "right now".

    For example, when comparing the past 7 days to the previous 7 days, we want to be comparing the data right now to what it was right now 7 days ago.

Example Mixpanel widget configurations

Configuring an example Trends Number widget

The Trends Number widget displays the count for a specific event or property in a specific period with optional comparison period.

We can use the Trends Number widget to show the number of people who have added Custom CSS to their dashboards using Chrome during the last 7 days, and compare it to the same period last month.Trends_Number_Widget.png

The setup screen of the widget will look like this:


Configuring an example Funnel Completion Rate Line Chart widget

The Funnel Completion Rate Line Chart widget helps us visualize the completion rate of a funnel over time as a Line Chart.

We can use the Funnel Completion Rate Line Chart widget to visualize the number of customers who are completing the funnel 'Adding Widgets' in the last 45 days, and compare this to last year's same time interval. The goal is to have 100 customers per day completing the funnel.Funnel_Line_Widget.png

The shaded area represents our goal of 100 customers that have completed the funnel. 

The setup screen of the widget will look like this:

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