Connect your Amplitude data to Geckoboard

Steps to connect directly to Amplitude to access your data.

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  1. Add a new Amplitude widget from your dashboard.

  2. Click Create dataset beside Events.

  3. In the connection panel, give your connection a name to differentiate it from any accounts you add later on.

  4. Next, enter your API key and Secret key. To find these from your Amplitude account, look for the Projects page under Settings. Then click the name of the project you’d like to connect. Your API key and Secret key are on this page.

  5. Select your Data location. Where your Amplitude data is stored. Unless you have opted-in to EU data residency, this will be the US.

  6. Click the Connect via Amplitude button. You'll be asked to authenticate your Amplitude account. You only need to create this connection once.

  7. After you return to the connection panel, click Create widget to start creating your Amplitude widget. To learn more about creating dataset widgets, see our guide to creating visualizations from datasets.

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