If you're displaying the ChartMogul Number widget to compare with a previous time period, you may have noticed discrepancies between the data displaying on your widget and in ChartMogul. This is because we handle comparison to previous time period differently from ChartMogul.

In ChartMogul, there are options to see data for last week, last month, last year, etc. When selected these show data for the full time periods. In Geckoboard, on a number widget we compare to the previous period that mirrors the current date in the month.

Example: If today's date was 14th March:


Looking at New Business MRR for Last month and This month, you'll see New Business MRR for the whole of last month (1st to 29th February) and New Business MRR for this month (1st to 14th March).


Selecting New New Business MRR for This month and previous period (i.e. previous month), you'll see New Business MRR for this month from (1st to 14th March) and New Business MRR for last month (1st to 14th February).

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