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Geckoboard IP addresses to allow
Geckoboard IP addresses to allow

IP allowlisting accepts incoming connections from Geckoboard IP addresses.

Updated over a week ago

The following table contains Geckoboard's IP addresses which you may need to include on your network to use our pre-built integrations and custom Polling widgets are.

We also have them available in TXT and JSON format in case you prefer to include them in the firewall rules automatically.

IP Ranges,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

When using Databases

For our Databases data source you only need to accepted incoming connections from these Geckoboard IP addresses:,,,,,

When using Datasets and custom Push widgets

For Datasets and custom Push widgets you'll need to allow access for making outbound requests from your network to Geckoboard – specifically to (for Datasets), and to (for custom Push widgets).

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