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Connect your Zendesk Chat data to Geckoboard
Updated over a week ago

This is a Pro data source. If not available on your plan please upgrade or contact our support team.

โ—Have you enabled Agent Workspace? Your available Chat metrics will depend on how your Zendesk account is configured โ€“ specifically, whether you've enabled Agent Workspace. If you have, then the native chat app in Zendesk is disabled.

This means that all Chats will be handled through Agent Workspace, and therefore will create Tickets. These Tickets will be imported using our Zendesk Support Integration, with filtering on Channel is Chat (see image below). These will not be available through our Zendesk Chat integration.

Zendesk Support config showing Received tickets filtered by chat.

Before you begin, if you're restricting access to your Zendesk account using IP restrictions, you'll need to include these IPs to connect to Geckoboard.

  1. Add a new Zendesk Chat widget from your dashboard.

  2. Select a preset widget from the list, or choose to Build your own widget.

  3. Enter the subdomain of your Zendesk account. The subdomain can be found from your login details. For example, if you log in to Zendesk at, your subdomain is mycompany.

  4. Click Connect via Zendesk on the connection panel. You'll now be asked to log into your Zendesk account, unless you're already logged in.

  5. Finally, you'll be asked to give Geckoboard permission to access your account.

To connect a different Zendesk Chat account to the one you've already connected to Geckoboard, see connect multiple accounts to data sources.

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