Connect your Aircall data to Geckoboard

Steps to connect directly to Aircall to access your data.

Updated over a week ago
  1. Add a new Aircall widget from your dashboard.

  2. Choose from either Calls or Agent Availability from the Aircall connection panel. Click Create dataset to begin.

  3. Click the Connect via Aircall button. As both datasets share the same connection, you'll only need to create this connection once. We'll import the most recent 500 calls and continue to import as new call data is added.

  4. In the pop up window, login to your Aircall account. On the following screen, click Authorize to allow Geckoboard to access information about your calls.

  5. On the following 'connect a number' screen, we recommend that you choose skip for now to access data from all your numbers, unless you only want to give Geckoboard access to a single number.

  6. After you return to the connection panel, click Create widget to start creating your Aircall widget. To learn more about creating dataset widgets, see our guide to creating visualizations from datasets.

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