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Connect your Aircall data to Geckoboard

Why you should connect Aircall to Geckoboard and the steps to get it done

Updated over a week ago

Our Aircall data source features:

  • Real-time updates – visualizations update the instant calls are made or when a user's availability changes, meaning you have a live picture of what's happening on the lines.

  • Multiple metrics – you can track active calls, calls waiting, connected rate, longest call waiting, and more.

  • Filter by tag and team – break your metrics down with filters.

  • Improved widget-building experience – with a more intuitive interface, you'll be able to create new widgets much quicker and easier.

  • Interactive View – investigate changes in the data on your dashboard by looking at what's happening behind the scenes.

How to connect Aircall

  1. Add a new Aircall widget from your dashboard.

  2. Once you reach the Select numbers page, click + Add numbers and assign all the numbers you want to monitor in Geckoboard. This will ensure we import your historical data from the past 90 days for these phone numbers.

  3. Once connected, you can build your widget!

While you don't need to connect all numbers when you first connect, we encourage you to connect every number you wish to monitor in Geckoboard from the get-go so we can import all relevant data and prevent potential discrepancy issues.

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