Connect your Zendesk Talk data to Geckoboard

Steps to connect directly to your Zendesk account to access your Talk data in Geckoboard.

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This is a Pro data source. If not available on your plan, please upgrade or contact our support team.

Before you begin: If you're restricting access to your Zendesk account using IP restrictions, you must include these IPs to connect to Geckoboard.

  1. Add a new Zendesk Talk widget from your dashboard.

  2. Select a widget type from the available options.

  3. In the connection panel, enter the subdomain of your Zendesk account. The subdomain can be found in your login details. For example, if you log in to Zendesk at, your subdomain is your-company-url.

    Enter your Zendesk company url into Geckoboard's connection panel
  4. Click Connect via Zendesk Talk on the connection panel. You'll be asked to permit Geckoboard to access your account.

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