Data discrepancies between Zendesk Chat and Geckoboard

Learn why you might be seeing different numbers in Zendesk Chat than on your Geckoboard widgets.

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Check if Agent Workspace is enabled

Your available Chat metrics will depend on how your Zendesk account is configured – specifically, whether you've enabled Agent Workspace.

If you have, then the native chat app in Zendesk is disabled, as outlined by Zendesk:

"To prevent application conflicts and potential tracking issues, Zendesk does not recommend using the Support Chat app with the Zendesk Agent Workspace. When the Agent Workspace is activated, the Support Chat app is automatically deactivated on your account. If you subsequently deactivate the Agent Workspace and you want to use the Chat app, you have to manually re-activate it."

This means that all Chats will be handled through Agent Workspace, and therefore will create Tickets. These Tickets will be imported using our Zendesk Support Integration, with filtering on Channel is Chat (see image below). These will not be available through our Zendesk Chat integration.

Zendesk Support config showing Received tickets filtered by chat.

Check to see if your chats are now being exposed through Zendesk Support. If they are not, please get in touch.

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