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Add more columns to table widgets

Learn how to how add additional metrics to tables.

Updated over a week ago

For this example, we'll use our Zendesk Support data source to show how to build a table comparing agent performance across multiple metrics.

example of multiple Zendesk metrics on the same Geckoboard table
  1. Open the Edit menu on a Zendesk Support widget.

  2. Switch the visualization to a Table.

  3. Open the metric menu under Display and Add a metric. In our example, we started with Created tickets. We've now added a second column showing Solved tickets.

  4. Now click Add metric to add a third column to your table. In our example, we've added First reply time (business).

  5. Change the timespan for the ticket data if you require anything different to Past 7 days.

  6. Hover over the widget preview and click Add a title to describe the data, e.g. Agent performance.

  7. When you've finished configuring your widget, click Save.

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