For this example we'll use our Zendesk Support data source to show how to a build table comparing agent performance across multiple metrics.

example of multiple Zendesk metrics on the same Geckoboard table
  1. Open the Edit menu on a Zendesk Support widget.

  2. Use the visualization picker to switch to a Table.

  3. Use the metric picker to Add a second metric. In our example we started with Received tickets. We've now added a second column showing Solved tickets.

  4. Now click Add metric to add a third column to your table. In our example we've added First reply time (business).

  5. Change the timespan for the ticket data if you require anything different to Past 7 days.

    select a time value you'd like to see data for
  6. When you've finished configuring your widget, click outside of the menu to close it. Finally, hover over the widget and click Add a title to describe the data e.g. Agent performance.

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