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Embed a Geckoboard dashboard in Zendesk's ticket sidebar
Embed a Geckoboard dashboard in Zendesk's ticket sidebar

Create a link to your live dashboard that can be embedded in the ticket view in Zendesk.

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In this article, we'll show you how to embed your Geckoboard dashboard in your Zendesk account so all support agents have access to the team's key metrics right from the place they spent most of their time: the ticket view.

  1. With an open Zendesk session, navigate to the Iframe Ticket Sidebar app page in the app directory and click Install.

    Iframe Ticket Sidebar App for Zendesk Support
  2. With the app's setup page open, give the app a Title that describes it (i.e. "Team Metrics").

  3. Switch to Geckoboard, then find and copy your share link.

    share panel
  4. Return to Zendesk, paste your share link into the iframe URL field

  5. Choose an iframe Height. We recommend changing this value to 300px or 400px to allow room for full visualizations to be displayed.

    Iframe Ticket Sidebar App config
  6. Save the changes and complete the app's installation.

  7. Finally, adjust the location of the app to bring it to the top, or at least close to it, so that your agents can access it without needing to scroll.

  8. And that's it! Your key metrics are now in front of everyone in your team.

    Your Geckoboard dashboard now appears when you're answering Zendesk support tickets
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