Add a dashboard widget

Steps to add and configure a new dashboard widget.

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  1. Click Add widget, located in the top right of your dashboard.

  2. Click on your chosen data source.

  3. Choose from the list of available widgets. Some data sources also have an option to Build your own widget from scratch.

  4. If you're pulling data from a cloud service for the first time you might be asked to log in to create a connection to Geckoboard. Each data source has its own authentication process. Usually this is something you only need to do once per data source.

  5. Once connected, all Account owners and Admins of your Geckoboard account will be able to add or edit widgets using data from the connected service. You’ll now be prompted to authenticate the service you’re connecting to.

  6. Now you can configure the options specific to the widget you’re setting up in order to define what data should be pulled through and how it should be displayed.

    Setting comparison periods

    When setting comparison periods for widgets our data sources, in general, should compare the previous period to "right now". For example, when comparing the past 7 days to the previous 7 days, we want to be comparing the data right now to what it was right now 7 days ago. This doesn't always happen, particularly in our older data sources.

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