If you’re using a smart TV, we recommend using an external device to run Geckoboard. This is because Geckoboard needs a modern web browser to power your dashboards. Smart TV web browsers are typically underpowered, not up-to-date and don’t fully support HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.

For the best and most reliable experience, we recommend a device like the Raspberry Pi or OUVISLITE Mini PC Stick (sold as SNUNMU Mini PC Stick in EU) to run a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox.

What if my smart TV is new and up to date?

This is less about the quality of the TV itself and more about the quality of the browser powering your dashboards. For this reason, we also do not recommend built-in Smart TV browsers as a long term solution as they are nearly always under-powered. Support for HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript is necessary for rendering visualizations and dynamic content, along with providing cache systems and memory.

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