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Use Send to TV to display your dashboards on a screen
Use Send to TV to display your dashboards on a screen

Power your wallboard using Send to TV. Pair dashboards or loops to your TV or computer display and manage the content remotely.

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This guide will walk you through sharing your dashboard using Send to TV, which allows you to easily pair and remotely manage wallboards on a TV or computer display.

Send to TV set-up

🦎 If you’re using a Windows OS device, or Raspberry Pi, we recommend viewing the respective guide for the most relevant instructions.

Follow the steps below to set up a screen for the first time. Please note that this guide assumes you already have a computer device connected to a TV or display and the Internet.

  1. Start on the computer device connected to your TV or screen, open your browser, and navigate to A page with a passcode will appear (if it doesn't, go directly to instead).

  2. Now, switch to another device, open your browser, and log into your Geckoboard account. Navigate to the dashboard you want to display on your TV or screen.

  3. Click Send to TV, and a new modal will appear.

  4. Enter the unique passcode displayed on your TV or screen into the Step 3 field, then click Connect.

  5. Look at your TV or screen, and you'll see that your dashboard is now paired.

Pairing additional screens

  1. Go to the dashboard you want to pair, then click Send to TV.

  2. Now click + Add new screen.

  3. Follow the prompts (or the steps in the section above) to pair your display.

💡 If you have a single computer device and want to pair more than one dashboard, you can set up a browser profile for each display on which you want to show a dashboard. The browser profile will keep the cookies used to pair your dashboard separate from the other profile data and allow the Send to TV feature to work as expected.

Managing connected screens

To manage existing connected screens, click Send to TV at the top of your account.

In the modal that appears, you can manage the following options:

  • Adjust the screen title to give your screen an identifiable name so it’s clear what screen it is, such as the location, e.g., Watercooler or Conference room

  • Change the dashboard or loop that is being shown on your screen

  • Refresh screens remotely if visual changes such as widget layout have been made

  • Delete a screen

Displays with overscan

If your TV or display has an overscan feature, we recommend turning it off to ensure your dashboards are displayed correctly. If the feature is enabled, the dashboard image may be cut off around the edges or give a ‘zoomed-in’ view. This guide provides more information and suggestions on locating your device's settings.

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