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Connect your Airtable base to Geckoboard

Steps to connect directly to Airtable to access your data.

Updated over a week ago
  1. After adding a new Airtable widget from your dashboard, give your connection a name. This is will help you distinguish between multiple Airtable connections in Geckoboard.

  2. Click the Connect via Airtable button. This creates a connection and authenticates your Airtable account so that we can import your data. You only need to create this connection once and we'll continue to import as new data is added.

  3. Proceed to the widget configuration screen. For help with configuring your Airtable widgets, see our guide to creating visualizations from datasets.

Grant Geckoboard access to more Airtable bases

When you want to grant access to more Airtable bases under the connection in Geckoboard.

  1. Visit your Airtable homepage.

  2. Click Account in the top right corner, then select Integrations.

  3. Choose Third-party integrations, then click Geckoboard.

  4. Click + Add a base. You can also revoke access to a base here too.

  5. Save changes when you've finished.

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