Display a Number widget with a comparison value using your Salesforce data.

  1. Build your custom report in Salesforce. Make sure that your report contains:

    1. a time based grouping (e.g. date, week, month, quarter, year)

    2. a summary column (e.g. Sum of Amount).

  2. Switch to Geckoboard, then add a new Salesforce widget.

  3. Select the report we created in the previous step.

  4. Select your metric (Sum of Amount).

  5. Select “Latest Record” as “Number to Display”.

  6. Enable “Comparison Visualisation” toggle.

  7. Select Number as the comparison option.

Note: we're using Latest Record as Number to Display the sort order of your report in Salesforce is taken into account when calculating the comparison value.

In this case we want to make sure that the months are sorted from earliest to latest in the Salesforce report.

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