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Track Instagram ad campaign metrics in Geckoboard using GA4
Track Instagram ad campaign metrics in Geckoboard using GA4

Use UTM parameters to track how well your Instagram ad campaigns are doing, then bring that data into Geckoboard with our GA4 data source.

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Use UTM parameters in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to display Instagram ad campaign metrics on your Geckoboard dashboard.

Dashboard number widget showing IG campaign sessions for today.

What are UTM parameters?

UTMs are custom parameters that can be added to destination URLs, like this example:

If the visitor lands on this website with the parameters in the URL, then GA4 will know the visitor came from that particular Instagram ad campaign.

Example UTM parameters for Instagram

For a full list of UTM parameters to tag your destination URLs, see the GA4 guide to Traffic-source dimensions, manual tagging, and auto-tagging.

UTM parameter




Specifies the traffic source.



Specifies that clicks come from social media, so data is shown in your Social reports.



Differentiate between multiple ad campaigns.



Differentiate between ads in the same campaign.

Creating a UTM destination URL for your ad campaign

  1. Head over to Google’s Campaign URL Builder.

  2. Complete the required fields: campaign URL, campaign source, campaign medium and campaign name.

    Complete the fields in Google's campaign builder.
  3. Complete any additional optional fields.

  4. Scroll down and Copy the generated URL.

    Generate campaign URL.

Adding your new destination URL to your Instagram ad

  1. Edit or create your ad campaign on Instagram.

  2. Scroll down to the Destination section.

  3. Paste your UTM destination URL in the Website URL field.

    Paste your Instagram UTM campaign URL.

Your Instagram traffic will now get pulled in automatically by GA4. To check, go to Reporting > Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition.

You can now start to visualize the campaign metrics in Geckoboard using our GA4 data source.

Example: Create a number widget showing session numbers from your Instagram ad campaign

We'll use filtering with our GA4 data source to display the number of sessions from your Instagram ad campaign.

  1. In Geckoboard Add a new GA4 widget. If you need to connect GA4 to Geckoboard first, follow the steps in our connection guide.

  2. From the list of preset visualizations select First reply time.

  3. Add a 'Session campaign' Filter.

  4. Select your campaign from the list. Click Apply to create the filter.

    Filter your session data in Geckoboard by your ad campaign.
  5. Change the timespan for the ticket data if you require anything different to 'Today'.

  6. When ready, click Add to dashboard.

    Dashboard number widget showing IG campaign sessions for today.
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