Connect your Google Analytics data to Geckoboard
Steps to connect directly to Google Analytics to access your data.
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  1. Add a new widget from your dashboard. If you have GA4 properties, select Google Analytics 4. If you have Universal GA properties, select Universal Google Analytics.

    To check which property you're using, look at the property id. If it starts with UA- followed by numbers, it's a Universal GA property.

    How to differenciate between GA4 and Universal GA properties
  2. Select a preset widget from the list, or choose to Build your own widget.

  3. Click Sign in with Google on the connection panel. You'll now be asked to log into your Google Analytics account unless you're already logged in.

  4. Finally, you'll be asked to permit Geckoboard to access your account. Click Allow to continue.

To connect a different Google Analytics account to the one you've already connected to Geckoboard, see connect multiple accounts to data sources.

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