Arrange widgets on a dashboard

Learn how to use drag and drop to move and group widgets.

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Use drag and drop to arrange widgets on your dashboard. As you drag your widgets you'll see a bounding box indicating where you can drop it, so you don't have to be precise about alignments.

Use drag and drop to arrange widgets on a new dashboard layout

Our dashboards include a grouping functionality for your widgets to make the relationships between metrics on your dashboard immediately obvious. Just drag and drop one widget onto another to create a group.

Grouping widgets with drag and drop

Video tutorial

You can then use the sliders to change the size of each widget within a group. Learn more about resizing widgets.

Changing the size of individual widgets in a group

To ungroup widgets, hover over the widget you want to remove from the group, then click and drag it out of the group. Then you can drop it elsewhere on your dashboard.

You'll need to have extra space available on the dashboard in order to remove a widget from a group. If the dashboard is full, it won't be possible, so you may need to resize some of the widgets to make space.

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