Use filter results to refine your data

Learn how to use filters to only include the data you want in your visualizations.

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Use filter results when building or editing a widget to refine the data you display on your dashboard. Only users with Admin permissions or higher will be able to edit these filters.

examples of using alternative visualizations and filters to refine your Zendesk data in Geckoboard

Example: Create a first reply time by department leaderboard

We'll use Filter results with our Zendesk Support data source to convert a preset number widget to a leaderboard and use filters to refine the data.

  1. Click Add widget, located in the top right of your dashboard.

  2. Click on the Zendesk Support data source.

  3. From the list of preset visualizations select First reply time.

  4. Hover over your new widget on your dashboard and click the more options menu, then click Edit to bring up the widget configuration menu.

  5. Switch the visualization type from Number to Leaderboard. This will automatically convert the visualization to a leaderboard displaying the top assignees by their average first reply time.

  6. Now we'll click Filter results to add a filter that only includes the average first reply times from a certain group.

  7. Use the dropdown menus to apply your filter. We're going to add Group is and choose a group from the list. Click Apply to create the filter.

  8. Change the timespan for the ticket data if you require anything different to Past 7 days. When you've finished configuring your widget, click outside of the menu to close it.

  9. Finally, hover over the widget and click Add a title to describe the data e.g. First reply time by department.

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