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Bring your Chargebee data into Geckoboard using Baremetrics
Bring your Chargebee data into Geckoboard using Baremetrics

Connect Baremetrics to your Chargebee account, then use our pre-built Baremetrics integration to display your Chargebee data in Geckoboard.

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While we don't directly integrate with Chargebee, you can bring your Chargebee data into Geckoboard using Baremetrics.

Within Baremetrics you can connect to your Chargebee account, and then you can use our pre-built Baremetrics integration to display your Chargebee data in Geckoboard. Baremetrics offers a free trial if you want to see how it works.

Step 1: Creating a read-only API key in Chargebee

Baremetrics uses API keys to connect to Chargebee. They require a read-only API key in Chargebee to grant Baremetrics access to your Chargebee account.

  1. In Chargebee, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > API keys.

  2. Click + Add API Key.

  3. Select Read-Only Key.

  4. Grant the key All permissions.

  5. Name the key, e.g., ChartMogul Read-only.

  6. Click Create Key.

You'll need your new API key when connecting to Chargebee in Baremetrics.

Step 2: Connecting Chargebee to your Baremetrics account

  1. In Baremetrics, click Connect with Chargebee and link up your Chargebee account.

  2. Paste your Chargebee subdomain (the mycompany part of into the relevant field.

  3. Paste the API key you created into the relevant field.

  4. Wait for your Chargebee data to import into Baremetrics. This process can take a few minutes to several hours, depending on how much data you have.

  5. Once the data is imported, Baremetrics will calculate your metrics.

Step 3: Connecting your Chargebee data to Geckoboard using Baremetrics

  1. Switch to Geckoboard and add a new Baremetrics widget.

  2. Click Create dataset under daily revenue and customer metrics.

    Click create dataset under daily metrics
  3. In the connection panel, click Connect via Baremetrics. This creates a connection and authenticates your Baremetrics account.

  4. Geckoboard will now import your Baremetrics data up to the last 60 days.

Example visualizations built using Baremetrics data

To learn more about creating dataset widgets, see our guide to creating visualizations from datasets.

Churn figures over 6 months plotted on a line chart
Current ARR with a goal value

Metrics supported in our Baremetrics integration

Geckoboard supports a wide range of metrics from Baremetrics, which can all be dialled in for specific time periods.

  • MRR

  • ARR

  • Net revenue

  • MRR growth rate

  • Other revenue

  • Quick ratio

  • Active subscriptions

  • New subscriptions

  • Plan quantities

  • Upgrades

  • Downgrades

  • Failed charges

  • Refunds

  • Coupons

  • ARPU

  • LTV

  • New customers

  • Active customers

  • Churned Customers

  • Reactivations

  • User Churn

  • Revenue churn

  • Net revenue churn

  • Cancellations

  • Active trials

  • New trials

  • Converted trials

  • Trial Conversion

  • Trial time to cancellation

  • Trial time to conversion

  • Fees

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