Using the Fine-tune menu


The Fine-tune menu is currently available in our Spreadsheets, Datasets, Salesforce and Zendesk integrations.

Some integrations allow you to change the number of decimal places used or add additional information about the values being displayed.

This can be done using the Fine-tune menu.

demonstration of the fine-tune menu

Each aspect of the Fine-tune menu is automatically set to Auto - this will detect whether there is a known abbreviation, number of decimal places or unit for the data you're visualizing.


If you're using a Dataset and have created the value type as a currency, the widget will automatically use the associated prefix or suffix. If the value is 135,600, the widget will automatically show 135.6 with the abbreviation for thousand.

Abbreviation options

 The Abbreviation options allow you to indicate that a number has been abbreviated by including the correct suffix for the units shown. There are preset values of for thousand, for million and B for billion. You can also remove any automatically applied value by choosing None.

Decimal Places options

The Decimal Places options allow you to add or remove decimal places for your numbers. The Auto option will show up to decimal places. It is possible to show between and decimal places using the Fixed option.

Unit options

The Unit options allow you to add up to characters to the beginning or end of your number to indicate what it shows.

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