Create line chart widgets from spreadsheets

This guide walks you through the various options available when creating line chart widgets from your spreadsheet data.

Select data for your line chart widget

Click drag to select the spreadsheet cells you want to visualize. You can also select entire rows and columns or enter the data range into the drag to select the cells you want to visualize

Line chart widgets display:

  • 2 to 11 lines of data
  • The first column in your selection must be a date, datetime or string (for X-axis labels)
  • Subsequent column selections must be numeric

If your column or row selections include pre-populated cells your line chart will automatically respond as you add data to your connected Google Sheet or Excel workbook.spreadsheets line chart widget that shows how selecting pre-populated cells can create dynamic visualizations

When you're happy with your selection, click Create visualization.

Edits to your source spreadsheet

If you need to make any edits to your spreadsheet you can manually refresh it from the bottom left corner of the screen. From here you can also switch to a different sheet.change the sheet by clicking in the bottom right corner

If your source spreadsheet is large and complex you might benefit from extracting the data you need to another spreadsheet specifically for powering your dashboard widgets. For more information, see preparing your spreadsheet for Geckoboard.

Preview your line chart widget

Next, you'll see highlighted visualization options for your selection. Click the line chart icon. In the bottom corner a preview shows how your widget will look.

To select different cells, hover over the spreadsheet and click to edit selection.

When you're happy with your selection, click Continue >.

Switch to reading data in rows

By default, Geckoboard reads the data in columns. When your data series is arranged in rows, click  Switch rows and columns.

Configure your line chart widget

Visualization type

The visualization picker allows you to switch between the available options.Widget config for line charts built with spreadsheets

Visualization options

Enter minimum and maximum values for your line chart's Y-axis. Your line chart preview will change to reflect this.

Add goal

In the Goal is field enter a value or select another single numeric value from your spreadsheet. Use the toggle to switch the shaded area from More than and Less than the goal value.spreadsheets line chart widget with goal area shaded in grey


The Formatting menu allows you to overrule the automatically set number of decimal places used, or add additional information about the values on your widget. For more information, see our guide to using the data formatting options.

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