Create number widgets from spreadsheets

This guide walks you through the various options available when creating number widgets from your spreadsheet data.

Select data for your number widget

Select a numeric cell from your connected spreadsheet. When you're happy with your selection, click Create visualization.

Edits to your source spreadsheet

If you need to make any edits to your spreadsheet you can manually refresh it from the bottom left corner of the screen. For example, you might need to remove currency or other symbols from your numeric data to avoid errors – you can always add these when you format your widget later.

From the bottom left corner, you can also switch to a different sheet.change the sheet by clicking in the bottom right corner

If your source spreadsheet is large and complex you might benefit from extracting the data you need to another spreadsheet specifically for powering your dashboard widgets. For more information, see preparing your spreadsheet for Geckoboard.

Preview your number widget

Next, you'll see highlighted visualization options for your selection. Click the number icon. In the bottom corner a preview shows how your widget will look.

To select a different cell, hover over the spreadsheet and click to edit selection.

When you're happy with your selection, click Continue >.

Configure your number widget

Add status indicators

Adding success and/or negative values to your number widgets allows you to draw attention to changes as they happen.

Add comparison visualization

The number widget allows you to visually compare the primary metric with a choice of four comparison visualizations: goal, number, percentage, and sparkline.

Click the Comparison visualization panel to display the options. Your spreadsheet canvas will automatically appear for you to select your comparison range.


Displays a goal progress bar below the primary metric.spreadsheets number widget showing progress towards a goal

Enter your goal target value and, optionally, your starting value to define where your goal progress starts from.setting a goal target and a starting value


Displays the number change from your initial selected cell. Click the up or down arrows to indicate whether an increased or deceased change is good.spreadsheets number widget with a secondary number change viz


Displays the percentage change from the your initial selected cell. Click the up or down arrows to indicate whether an increased or deceased percentage change is good.spreadsheets number widget with a secondary percentage change viz


Displays a small line chart of the values in the selected range (top to bottom or left to right). The more cells in your selected range, the more detailed your sparkline will be.spreadsheets number widget with a secondary sparkline viz


The Formatting menu allows you to overrule the automatically set number of decimal places used, or add additional information about the values on your widget. For more information, see our guide to using the data formatting options.

Add dynamic selection

The Dynamic selection menu enables you expand your initial single cell selection to a whole column or row. Your number widget will always display the last numeric value added.

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