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A data source is any service with which Geckoboard integrates, such as Google Sheets. To create widgets powered by data from these services, Geckoboard must form a connection to the data source.

Data sources are used when you first set up a widget and any time a widget needs to refresh its data. Before you can configure a widget, Geckoboard needs to access the data source for that widget.

The first step when creating or editing widgets from pre-built integrations is to choose the data source that will be used, and to form a connection to it.

Note: Only account owners and admins can manage data sources.

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Connecting to a data source

There are two ways to connect to a data source:

When creating a widget using our pre-built integrations

When you create a widget that uses one of our pre-built integrations for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a connection to the data source in order to pull in your data. Upon authenticating, a connection to the data source is created.Connection_to_data_source.png

When editing a widget using our pre-built integrations

When editing a widget from one of our pre-built integrations, you can add new data source connections.


Manage your connections

To view the list of data sources to which you've connected, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Geckoboard account.
  2. In the top right corner, click your initials and from the drop-down, select Admin.Admin_menu.png
  3. Click Data sources.View_data_sources.png

    Tip: We strongly recommend removing connections to data sources that are no longer needed. This way you can easily identify which data sources are in use.

    Note: By default, deleting your connection to a data source will delete the associated widgets as well. If you want to retain the widgets, make sure to uncheck the option when deleting the data source.

Updating a data source

At times, your connections to your data sources may be expiring, and we'll send you an email notification. The email will contain the link from where you can reconnect to the data source. It's the same Data sources tab mentioned above. Simply click on the Reconnect button and authenticate your account again.Update_data_source.png

It may also happen that your connections to your data sources expire for other reasons e.g. if you change your password for Google. If the Reconnect button mentioned above isn't available, you'll need to create a new connection to that data source, and link your existing widgets to it.

Get help: If you have a lot of widgets that need to be switched to the new data source, please get in touch with our support team and we'll be happy to do it from our end (thus saving you some time).

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