Minimum requirements for running a dashboard

Geckoboard runs on a wide range of devices and platforms, however occasionally we come across some setups that aren't suitable for displaying a dashboard at its best. If you're unsure whether Geckoboard will run on a particular device, we recommend the following as a minimum requirement.

  • Browser
    Chrome or Firefox (updated to latest version to fully support HTML5 and JavaScript). Internet Explorer and stock Android browsers are not supported.
  • Memory
    At least 512MB.
  • Other requirements
    • HDMI output or appropriate cable for your screen.
    • Ability to connect to a wireless network.

For more information on how to display your dashboard on a TV see our guide and recommended devices.


If your device doesn't meet the minimum requirements, please make sure Geckoboard Lite is enabled.


If you’re using a Smart TV, we still recommend using an external device to run Geckoboard. Smart TV web browsers are typically underpowered and not up-to-date, so we can't guarantee things will run smoothly.

If you still choose to use a Smart TV, we recommend making sure that Geckoboard Lite is enabled.


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