Minimum requirements for running a dashboard

Geckoboard runs on a wide range of devices and platforms, however occasionally we come across some setups that aren't suitable for displaying a dashboard at its best. If you're unsure whether Geckoboard will run on a particular device, we recommend the following as a minimum requirement.

Browser: Chrome or Firefox (updated to latest version to fully support HTML5 and JavaScript). IE9 and below and stock Android browsers are not supported.

System: 512MB of memory recommended as a minimum. 

Other important details:

  • Supports landscape or portrait modes
  • Supports full screen mode
  • Has an HDMI output or proper cable for your screen
  • Allows for easy text input (for navigating to your dashboard)
  • Capable of connecting to a wireless network

Important note

Unfortunately Smart TVs generally don't work well for loading your dashboard due to the low processing power generally available within TVs.

Their browser software also can contain security loopholes, doesn’t benefit from frequent updates from manufacturers and tends to become outdated quickly. As a rule we don't recommend relying on this as a solution.

Get help

Still having difficulty? Drop us a line with information about your device and a sharing link to your dashboard and we'll try and help.

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