Use the image widget to display online images on your dashboard

Our Image widget allows you to embed online images (pictures, photos and animated GIFs) within your dashboard. This is a useful way to brand or personalize your dashboard, particularly handy when it is being displayed on a large TV in a public space.Image_widget_examples.png

Using the image widget

To display a PNG, JPG or GIF image, all you have to do is specify its URL. If you are not sure what the URL to your image is, you can normally get it by right clicking the image on your browser and choosing "Copy Image Address", here you'll find specific instructions for your browser.


If the image you want to display on your dashboard is on your computer or isn't online yet, you can use Dropbox or a similar service (there are many available for free) to host it first and then get its URL.


To make it easier to brand your dashboard, ensure that:

  • Images displayed through the image widget are full bleed (no padding).
  • The image widget doesn't have a background color which means that transparent images such as logos can be placed directly on the dashboard background.

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