Guide to custom widgets using Node.js

Important Note: Our new Datasets feature improves on and replaces the majority of Custom Widget use. Custom Widgets are still available, but are no longer receiving updates or improvements.


This is guide covers creating Custom Widgets using Node.js. For a language/platform agnostic overview, see our Custom Widgets article.


Getting datafrom your own system or from a service not integrated with Geckoboardonto your dashboard is simple using Node.js (or equally io.js).

Node.js makes for fast application development, connects easily with REST APIs, and smoothly handles JSON datathe format Geckoboard expects when it receives widget data*.

* For Push method widgets. XML and JSON are equally supported for Poll method widgets.


This guide is split into two parts, each part covering the two methods of delivery to the widgets, i.e. Push and Poll.
This guide uses the latest stable version of Node.js version 0.12.0 and npm version 2.5.1. We will also use the command line tool curl for API testing.

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