Rotate images on your dashboard using Dropbox

Every now and then customers ask us for rotating images to add some fun and life to their dashboards. This article explains a fun way of doing this.

File Roulette is an app developed by Daniel Upton that gives you a special URL that will return a different file in your Dropbox every time you visit it (either randomly or in sequence).

To create a widget that displays a new image after every refresh, follow these steps:

  1. On your dashboard, click Add widget.
  2. Search for Image using the Search sources field.

    Alternatively, you can also scroll down the alphabetical list of integrations until you reach the Image widget.
  3. Click the Image widget.
  4. Give it a Title.
  5. Next load in a new browser tab or window.
  6. Click Log in With Dropbox.Login screen for File Roulette app
  7. Dropbox will ask you to allow File Roulette access to a folder.
  8. You should be presented with 2 URLs (one for Random order, and the other for “Round Robin” order). Copy one of these to your clipboard.Screen showing the two URL options for File Roulette
  9. Return to your Image widget config and Paste the URL path.
  10. Select a Reload time.
  11. Click Add widget.
  12. And you're done!

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