Use Google Analytics’ spreadsheet add-on to get data in Geckoboard

We have a powerful integration with Google Analytics which lets you create Google Analytics' dashboards in a few clicks thanks to its predefined visualizations ranging from Visitors Number Stats to Product Sales Bar Chart. However, it's possible that you need to display very specific data that is not yet supported or that you want to aggregate data before it's shown on your dashboard. In these cases, using the Google Analytics spreadsheet add-on in combination with our Spreadsheets integration might be the way to go.

With the Google Analytics spreadsheet add-on you can:

  • Query and report data from multiple views.
  • Compute custom calculations.
  • Schedule your reports to run and update automatically.



Once your Google Analytics data is on a spreadsheet, you can get it on to your dashboard. Using our pre-built integration with Google Sheetsm you can even make calculations before pushing it to Geckoboard.

If you wish to use this alternative method for getting Google Analytics data on to your dashboard, we recommend watching the Introduction to the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on video once the add-on has been installed to get familiar with it.


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