Track Shopify store sales and order metrics in Geckoboard

Shopify helps you set up an e-commerce store. 

Our Shopify integration lets you track Sales and Order related metrics from your Shopify store.  

Searching for the Shopify integration in Geckoboard

1) Log in to your Geckoboard account and click '+Add widget' on your dashboard. 

2) On the next page, you can either scroll down the list of available integrations (listed alphabetically) until you find Shopify or simply search for it using the search bar. 

3) Click on the integration to proceed further. 

Creating a connection to your Shopify account 

The first time you add a Shopify widget, you'll be prompted to create a connection to your Shopify account.  


Shop Name:  This would be the name of your Shopify account. For example, for '', it'll be just — gecko. 

API Key and Password: You'll first have to create a new 'Private App' from within your Shopify account.


Give a suitable name to your Private App so that you can keep a track later on.


You can then pick up the API key and API password needed by Geckoboard to access your Shopify store and display metrics. 


Going forward, any Shopify widgets you create can pull in and display data from this Shopify account. 

You can also connect multiple Shopify accounts to your Geckoboard. You can find out how you do that here (refer point number 2). 

An example Shopify widget

Our Shopify integration offers these 3 widgets: 

  • Sales/orders total: Display the number of orders or revenue from sales for a given time period. This can be filtered by payment and fulfillment statuses. Optionally, a secondary stat. can be displayed as well.

  • Order/sales status: Display the RAG status of orders or sales for a given time period. These are split out by abandoned, pending, paid payment statuses.

  • Order/Sales breakdown: Display a RAG status of orders or sales for a given time period. These are split out by unshipped, partially shipped and shipped fulfillment statuses.

We'll be using the 'Sales/orders total' widget to display the number of orders that have been paid for and shipped today. As a secondary stat, we'll also be comparing with yesterday's performance.


Here's how you can set up this widget:

Under the Shopify integration, select the 'Sales/orders total' widget. 

Now, set up the widget with the following configs: 


  • Title: Paid & Shipped Orders Today (can be set to anything of your choice)
  • Metrics: Orders
  • Base data on: Date Created
  • Payment Status: Paid
  • Fulfillment Status: Shipped
  • Period: Today
  • Secondary Output: Change from prior period

When you're happy with the widget's settings, click 'Add widget'.  

You'll now be tracking the orders on your Shopify store on your dashboard!  🎉

Known limitations 

Currently, our Shopify integration isn't able to handle larger amounts of data being fetched from your store. 

In such cases, the widgets will display the following error message:
"There is too much data to fetch in a timely manner for this configuration. Please try narrowing the period, payment status, or fulfillment status."

Whilst there aren't currently any imminent plans to change it, we'd definitely like to support larger amounts of data from Shopify. Please get in touch and let us know if this would be helpful to you. 

In the meantime, you can try choosing a smaller time period or changing the 'Payment Status' and 'Fulfillment Status' from 'Any' to more specific ones such as 'Paid', 'Shipped', etc. 

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