Withdrawal of support for TLS 1.1

We'll stop support for TLS 1.1 on 18 May 2020. TLS stands for "Transport Layer Security" which we use to secure communication between third party apps as well as customers' apps and Geckoboard.

Prior to permanently disabling TLS 1.1 to connect to and from Geckoboard (on the above date), we'll run a 32-hour test on 11 May 2020. In other words, a week before retiring support for TLS1.1 we'll disable TLS1.1 for one and a half days as a way of warning and to help surfacing potential connection conflicts. 

We recommend all organizations to move off of TLS 1.1 as soon as possible and no later than the above deadline. Newer versions of the TLS protocol enable more modern cryptography which makes them much more secure.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team

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