Data discrepancies between Facebook and Geckoboard

Learn why you might be seeing different numbers in Facebook than on your Geckoboard widgets.

Updated over a week ago

The Facebook data you see in Geckoboard can be up to 48 hours old. As such, you may find your most common metrics, such as Page Likes, refresh once every 48 hours. This limitation comes from the Facebook API itself.

The following metrics are unique in that they get updated every 15 minutes in the Facebook API:

  • Page Storytellers

  • Unique Post Stories

  • Unique Post Impressions

  • Unique Paid Post Impressions

  • Unique Post Fan Impressions

  • Unique Paid Post Fan Impressions

  • Unique Organic Post Impressions

  • Unique Viral Post Impressions

  • Unique Viral Post Story Impressions

  • Unique Post Consumptions

  • Post Negative Feedback

  • Post Stories

  • Post Impressions

  • Paid Post Impressions

  • Post Fan Impressions

  • Paid Post Fan Impressions

  • Organic Post Impressions

  • Viral Post Impressions

  • Viral Post Story Impressions

  • Post Consumptions

  • Engaged Users

  • Unique Post Negative Feedback

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