Connect your Instagram Business data to Geckoboard

Steps to connect directly to your Instagram business account to access your data.

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To use this data source you'll need an Instagram business account. Then, you'll need to connect it to a Facebook Page associated with your business. Personal Instagram accounts aren't supported by the API we're using. To learn more, see I can't connect to my Instagram account.

If you're using a personal Instagram solely for your business, you might want to consider converting your personal Instagram profile to a professional account.

  1. Add a new Instagram Business widget from your dashboard.

  2. Select a widget type from the list.

  3. On the connection panel give your connection a name, then click Connect via Instagram Business.

  4. A pop-up window will ask you to select one or more Instagram business accounts to connect with Geckoboard. When you're ready click Next.

    Instagram business account connection box

    If your pop-up window displays a You don't have any Instagram Business Accounts linked to a Page message, click Link an Account and follow the instructions.

    Unlinked Instagram business account connection box

To connect a different Facebook account to the one you've already connected to Geckoboard, see connect multiple accounts to data sources.

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