Text widgets are useful for adding labels and non-numerical information to a dashboard. In addition to displaying a simple plain text message, they're also flexible enough to accept a range of HTML tags, including clickable links and font size adjustments.

Setting up a Text widget

Start by clicking Add widget within your dashboard.

You'll then be given the option to add up to four 'messages' which can be set to Text, Alert or Info.


Adding more than one message to a Text widget will make the widget cycle through several messages, up to a maximum of 4 messages.

Adding HTML to your Text widgets

Custom Text widgets and Text widgets can contain a number of HTML tags and attributes that allow you to style the widget as you want.

Allowable tags for Text widgets

  • <a>

  • <abbr>

  • <acronym>

  • <address>

  • <blockquote>

  • <br>

  • <caption>

  • <center>

  • <cite>

  • <code>

  • <col>

  • <colgroup>

  • <dd>

  • <del>

  • <dfn>

  • <div>

  • <dl>

  • <dt>

  • <em>

  • <h1>

  • <h2>

  • <h3>

  • <h4>

  • <h5>

  • <h6>

  • <hr>

  • <img>

  • <ins>

  • <li>

  • <ol>

  • <p>

  • <pre>

  • <s>

  • <span>

  • <strike>

  • <strong>

  • <sub>

  • <sup>

  • <table>

  • <tbody>

  • <td>

  • <tfoot>

  • <th>

  • <thead>

  • <tr>

  • <u>

  • <ul>

Allowable attributes for Text widgets

  • align

  • alt

  • class

  • colspan

  • height

  • href

  • id

  • name

  • rowspan

  • src

  • style

  • target

  • title

  • width

Adding hyperlinks within a Text widget

You can use the <a> tag to add a clickable link within a Text widget to another dashboard or any other website.

To create a link that opens in a new tab, use this:

<a href="http://www.google.com" target="_blank">Google</a>

To create a link that opens in the same tab, use this:

<a href="http://www.google.com" target="_parent">Google</a>

Using HTML to adjust the font size

If you're looking to set a particular text size for your number widget, you can use the <span> tag with applied styling.

<span style="font-size:48px;">Font Size 48</span>

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