Using a combination of dashboard share links and the text widget, you can click a link to switch from one dashboard to another. Text widgets accept a range of HTML tags, including clickable links and font size adjustments.

  1. To create the share link, click Share from your dashboard's navigation menu.

  2. In the Share panel, click Create share link.

  3. With your link generated, click the more options menu, then select Copy.

  4. Next, add a Text widget to your dashboard.

  5. Remove the 'Title', then in the 'Message one' field, use the <a> tag to add your dashboard share link as a clickable link. For example:

    <a href="" target="_parent">Sales dashboard</a>

    Tip: To open the link in a new tab, switch target to _blank. Also, if you're looking to set a particular text size for your number widget, use the <span> tag with applied styling. For example:

    <span style="font-size:36px;"><a href="" target="_parent">Sales dashboard</a></span>
  6. Click Add widget.

Tip: For any other dashboard links you could duplicate the widget and group them.

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