Customize YouTube Analytics widgets

Learn how to and adjust presentation options and filter your YouTube Analytics data to create easy-to-understand visualizations.

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This guide walks you through the various options available when customizing YouTube Analytics widgets.


Account allows you to pick the YouTube Account you'd like to return data for.

If your plan allows, you can connect to multiple YouTube accounts. Click Add connection when selecting your view.


Add a title to your YouTube Analytics widget. Titles should be self explanatory and unambiguous. At the same time, you should try and keep them as short as possible, using universally understood abbreviations where possible.


The metric picker allows you to select any of the YouTube Analytics metrics Geckoboard supports.

Group by

Column chart and leaderboard widgets allow you to select the grouping to use as labels.

Time period

The time picker allows you to select timeframe for your data. YouTube's API takes two days to process data so whichever time period you choose to report on will omit the most recent two days.

Secondary visualization

For every widget type except leaderboard, you can switch on and set a progress goal or compare to a previous time period for additional context. For example, you could compare your daily Views for the past 7 days with the previous period.

Number widget showing daily YouTube video views for the past 7 days

Filter by

Filters allow you to show data for specific countries or videos.

Sort order

Select the ordering for your leaderboard widget. This will determine whether the top row shows the highest values or the lowest. For example, you display video shares Shares for the past 7 days as a leaderboard.

Leaderboard widget showing YouTube video shares for the past 7 days
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