If you've requested SSO from our team and are connecting Geckoboard to Microsoft Azure AD, follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Navigate to your Enterprise application dashboard of your Azure account. Then click the New application button.

    Select create new application in Azure
  2. Click Non-gallery application from the list of application options, and continue.

    Select non-gallery application in Azure
  3. Enter an App name that describes this connection (example: "Geckoboard"), then click Add.

  4. Click Single sign-on from the left hand sidebar, and then SAML from the gallery of sign-on methods.

    Select SAML from sign-on methods in Azure
  5. Click the pencil edit icon in the top right of Step 1.

    Select pencil edit icon on step 1 in Azure
  6. By this stage you should have received your Identifier (Entity ID) and Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL from our team (if you haven't, please get in touch).

    First submit the Identifier in the Basic SAML Configuration.

    Submit the Identifier in the Basic SAML Configuration
  7. Now submit the Reply URL in the Basic SAML Configuration.

    Submit the Reply URL in the Basic SAML Configuration
  8. Now download the Certificate (Base64) from Step 3. Our team need this .cer file when enabling SSO.

    Download the certificate
  9. Finally, copy the Azure AD Identifier from Step 4.

    Copy the login URL from step 4
  10. Together with your Certificate and URL, we now have everything we need to enable SSO for your Geckoboard account.

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