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Configure Okta to use SSO in Geckoboard
Configure Okta to use SSO in Geckoboard

SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) gives you access to Geckoboard through Okta.

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If you've requested SSO from our team and are connecting Geckoboard to Okta, follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Navigate to the Admin section of your Okta account. Then select Applications > Applications from the top menu bar.

    Select Applications from Okta's settings screen
  2. Click Add Application.

    Select Add Applications
  3. From your Okta Application dashboard, click Create New App.

    Select Create New App
  4. Select SAML 2.0 as a Sign on method, then click Create.

    Select SAML 2.0 from the list of sign-on methods
  5. Enter an App name that describes this connection (example: "Geckoboard"), then click Next.

    Give your Okta app a memorable name
  6. By this stage you should have received your Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL from our team (if you haven't, please get in touch). Copy the URL into the Single sign on URL and the Audience URI fields.

    Enter your ACS URL into the first two fields
  7. Continue scrolling to the Attribute Statements configuration.

  8. Fill in the following Attribute Statements, clicking Add Another until yours looks exactly the same as screenshot below and click Next.

    Copy the attribute statements exactly as they appear in the screenshot
  9. Select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app from the options menu. You can complete the optional survey, otherwise click Finish.

  10. Click View Setup Instructions.

    Click view setup instructions in Okta
  11. A separate tab will open with your Identity Provider metadata. Make note of your Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and download your X.509 certificate.

    Copy the SSO URL and download the certificate in Okta
  12. Together with your Certificate .cer file and URL, we now have everything we need to enable SSO for your Geckoboard account.

Note: We don't currently support logging into Geckoboard via Okta itself. You'll need to sign in via Geckoboard's login page and use the Sign in with SSO option.

Login to Geckoboard via SSO
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