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Recommended devices for displaying dashboards on wall-mounted screens
Recommended devices for displaying dashboards on wall-mounted screens

Get up and running quickly using a cheap PC connected to your screen.

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All you need to display your dashboards is a screen connected to a cheap PC running a modern web browser. We don't recommend using smart TV browsers for anything other than short term testing, as they're typically underpowered and out of date.

Choosing a screen

We recommend using the largest screen possible when buying for an office wall display, as it will make your data easier to read from a distance. This could be anything from a modern smart TV to an old monitor.

Our dashboards support 4K as well as Full HD screens. 4K screens are capable of displaying four times the number of pixels as a Full HD screen. As a guide, the minimum screen size to be able to enjoy 4K without having to sit too close is 42 inches. The larger the screen, the farther away you can sit from it while still enjoying maximum image quality.

Choosing a device

There's no need for expensive hardware. Any computer that can run the latest version of Chrome or Firefox will do. This could be an old laptop, desktop or mini PC. These can be set up to automatically run a browser loaded with your dashboard full screen – also known as Kiosk mode.




(sold as SNUNMU Mini PC Stick in EU)

  • Quick to set up

  • Purpose-built for digital signage

  • Win10 Pro OS preinstalled

  • WiFi and Ethernet Port options

  • Needs USB mouse and keyboard to operate

  • Can interrupt with regular OS updates

  • Not Windows 11 ready

Raspberry Pi 4 (single board and kits available)

  • Kits come with SD card with preinstalled OS

  • Very reliable for digital signage once set up

  • Won't interrupt with OS updates

  • More steps to set up

  • Need to buy a case separately (or with kit options) to keep exposed board dust free

  • Needs USB mouse and keyboard to operate

To learn more about setting up Kiosk mode using these recommended devices, see our guides for Windows devices and Raspberry Pi.

Casting and mirroring devices

We don't recommended casting and mirroring devices, such as the Chromecast or Apple TV, as a long term solution as you'll need to keep your dashboard loaded on your desktop machine. They can be a useful option whilst trialing Geckoboard before buying more suitable hardware.

Displaying your dashboard

Once your hardware is set up, use Send to TV to pair your device to your Geckoboard account and manage which dashboard is displayed remotely. If you want to display several dashboards on the same screen, create a Loop.

If you don't need to manage the dashboard(s) displayed on your screen, or you've hit your plan's Send to TV limit, you can navigate your device’s browser to a secure share link.

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