Salesforce widget not showing all data

This can happen if your Salesforce report has more than 2,000 rows, which exceeds Salesforce API limit.

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If the data displayed on your Salesforce widget differs from what's in your report, it might be due to over 2,000 rows of data in your Salesforce report. Salesforce's API is limited to fetching a maximum of 2,000 data records. Exceeding this limit means some data may not be retrieved.

You can hide the "detail rows" in the report to circumvent this issue. This adjustment ensures that only the final results are fetched, avoiding the 2,000-row limit.

How to hide detail rows in your Salesforce report

  1. Edit your Salesforce report.

  2. At the bottom of the report, switch the "Detail Rows" toggle to OFF.

    Disable detail rows in a Salesforce report
  3. Save and run the report.

You can now edit your Salesforce widget and reload your report by clicking the downward arrow beside the report name in the config.

Reload Salesforce report in Geckoboard

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