Troubleshoot the Facebook Integration

While Geckoboard gets data from the Facebook API every 5 minutes, you may notice a difference between the numbers you see in your Facebook account and the numbers on your Geckoboard dashboard.

This is because all external services, such as Geckoboard, must get this data from the Facebook API, which isn't updated as frequently as the Facebook app itself. That is, sometimes the data that is available from their API isn't as fresh as you see it in Facebook. 

All metrics are updated only once every 24 hours in the Facebook API. For example, one of the most common metrics, Page Likes, refreshes once every 24 hours.

The following metrics are unique in that they get updated every 15 minutes in the Facebook API:

  • Page Storytellers
  • Post Stories
  • Unique Post Stories
  • Post Impressions
  • Unique Post Impressions
  • Paid Post Impressions
  • Unique Paid Post Impressions
  • Post Fan Impressions
  • Unique Post Fan Impressions
  • Paid Post Fan Impressions
  • Unique Paid Post Fan Impressions
  • Organic Post Impressions
  • Unique Organic Post Impressions
  • Viral Post Impressions
  • Unique Viral Post Impressions
  • Viral Post Story Impressions
  • Unique Viral Post Story Impressions
  • Post Consumptions
  • Unique Post Consumptions
  • Engaged Users
  • Post Negative Feedback
  • Unique Post Negative Feedback


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