Reorder multiple dashboards

When you log into your Geckoboard account, the app will always bring you back to the last dashboard you were viewing.

If you have multiple dashboards in your dashboard list, you can reorder them. Let's learn how it works.

Dashboards are sorted in alphanumerical order. This means that a dashboard with a 1 as the first character would come before a dashboard with A as the first character.

For example, if you want your Sales dashboard to show up before your Customer Engagement dashboard, you'll have to add a 1 or ! to your Sales dashboard.


Let's try it out 


If your Default View looks like this

  • Customer Engagement
  • Sales

You can re-order it like this

  • 1. Sales
  • 2. Customer Engagement 

Or this

  • !Sales
  • Customer Engagement


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