Create a report in Salesforce for Geckoboard

In this article, we'll analyze the steps needed to create a report in your Salesforce account and display it on Geckoboard using our Salesforce integration.


We cover the basics of using the Salesforce integration in this article. Here, we’ll focus on creating reports within Salesforce.

Building your Salesforce report

Before you start

This article walks you through building a report using the Classic report builder. If you're using Lightning mode, you can still create a report in Classic mode.Create a Salesforce report in Classic mode


For this article, we'll be using the report criteria of Closed Won opportunities in the Last 30 Days grouped by Opportunity Owner.

To build a custom report from scratch in Salesforce, follow these steps:

  1. On the Salesforce report builder click on New Report and then select the Opportunities report type.
  2. To begin selecting the scope of the report using filters, update the opportunity status to Closed Won.
  3. Set the range to Last 30 days.Salesforce scope
  4. You might find the previewed report contains columns you don’t need for this report. If so, you can remove and rearrange the ones you do need to make better sense of the data.salesforce clean-up
  5. To visualize your data you'll need to select the format and grouping for your report. In our example we want a list of all opportunities owned by our representatives, so we'll use the Summary report type and will group by the Opportunity Owner.Salesforce grouping
  6. To finish the report we'll Summarize the data based on the Amount of these opportunities.Salesforce summarize
  7. Click Save and run the report.
  8. Now that you have your report in the right format, you can display it in Geckoboard.

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