Track Instagram Business data in Geckoboard

In this article, we'll show you how to display metrics from your Instagram Business account on your Geckoboard dashboard.

Displaying live metrics from your brand’s Instagram profile will help you learn what resonates with your audience, so you can start creating similar content.

Create a new Instagram Business widget

Before you start

To use this integration you need to have an Instagram business account. Then you'll need to connect it to a Facebook Page associated with your business. Personal Instagram accounts aren't supported by the API we're using. For more information, see I can't connect to my Instagram account.

If you're using a personal Instagram solely for your business, you might want to consider converting your personal Instagram profile to a professional account.

Then follow these steps to connect your professional Instagram account to a Facebook Page associated with your business.

To create a Instagram Business widget, follow these steps:

  1. Hover your cursor over an empty area of your dashboard and click the + button.

    Alternatively, click Add widget, located in the top right of your dashboard.
  2. Search for Instagram Business using the Search sources field.

    Alternatively, you can also scroll down the alphabetical list of integrations until you reach the Instagram Business integration.
  3. Click on the Instagram Business integration.
  4. Choose from the panel of preset metrics.

When adding your first Instagram Business widget, you'll be asked to create a connection and authenticate your Instagram Business account so that we're able to collect your data and display it on the dashboard. You only need to create this connection once – we'll take care of the rest.

To connect your Instagram Business with Geckoboard, follow these steps:

  1. First make sure you've connected your Instagram business account to your Facebook Page.
  2. Now click on the Connect via Instagram Business button.

    A pop-up window will appear ask you to select one or more Instagram business accounts to connect with Geckoboard.

    When you're ready click Next.Instagram business account connection box


    If your pop-up window displays a You don't have any Instagram Business Accounts linked to a Page message, click Link an Account and follow the instructions.Unlinked Instagram business account connection box

  3. You're now ready to configure your first Instagram Business widget!

Which Instagram Business metrics are available?

The following metrics are currently available in the Instagram Business integration.

  • Account Follower count
  • For the most recent post:
    • Like count
    • Comment count
    • Engagement (like + comment count)
    • Impressions
    • Reach
    • Number of accounts that saved the post

Instagram Business widget refresh rate

Visualizations powered by the Instagram Business integration refresh every 5 minutes.

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