Display daily ProfitWell metrics in Geckoboard

In this article, we'll show you how to display daily revenue and customer metrics from your ProfitWell account on your Geckoboard dashboard.

Step 1: Connect your ProfitWell account data to Geckoboard

To connect your ProfitWell account data, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over an empty area of your dashboard and click the + button. Or click Add widget in the top right of your dashboard.
  2. Search for ProfitWell using the search sources field. Then, click the ProfitWell button.
  3. Currently we offer daily revenue and customer metrics. Click Create dataset to begin.
  4. In the connection panel, enter your ProfitWell API token. This can be found by clicking ProfitWell API under the Core Data heading on your ProfitWell account's Integrations page.
  5. In the connection panel, click the Connect via Baremetrics button. This creates a connection and authenticates your ProfitWell account so that we can import data from this month and last month. You only need to create this connection once and we'll continue to import as new data is added.
  6. Once authorized, you'll return to Geckoboard's connection panel. Click Create widget to start configuring your ProfitWell widget.

Step 2: Configure your ProfitWell widget

The first thing you'll notice on the setup screen is that there’s an initial line chart based on your imported data. You can change it by selecting a different one from our visualization selector. Any changes will be displayed on the widget preview to the right.

The widget config panel is broken into several sections unique for each visualization type. All types include Metric, Time and Formatting.


Under the Metric heading you'll see a single Churned MRR field. Click the select menu to switch the metric you want to display. For line and column charts you can display more metrics by clicking Add metric.

Linked to the metric field, Aggregate calculates a roll-up value from related records. The options are Sum (adds all records up and shows the total), Min (displays the minimum value), Max (maximum value), Average (average of all values for that record).


Select a Time value that you'd like to see data for. You can choose to track the Past 7, 14, 28, 30, or 90 days. You can also show the calendar day (Today) and This Week, Month, Quarter, or Year in progress. It's also possible to use a Custom timeframe.

X-Axis (Line, Column and Bar charts only)

The X-axis displays the Time value (Date). You can choose to group (bucket) from a selected time period (Day, Week, Month, or Year).

Goal (Number, Line, Column and Bar charts only)

This option allows you to add a goal to your number or line chart. In the example below, you can see the data points inside the goal shaded area.

Status indicators (Number and Gauge only)

Adding status indicators allows you to call attention to your number or gauge widget on your dashboard when it's performing above and below expectations. Status indicators will overwrite any goals you set on this widget.status indicators panel on the spreadsheets config screen

Setting a Warning value means when the primary metric is above or below the warning value your widget will display red.

Setting a Success value means when the primary metric is above or below the success value your widget instead displays green.

Chart Options (Line chart only)

Change your line chart's Y-Axis minimum and maximum values.


The formatting section allows you to change the number of decimal places used or add additional information about the values being displayed.


 The Abbreviation options allow you to indicate that a number has been abbreviated by including the correct suffix for the units shown. There are preset values of for thousand, for million and B for billion. You can also remove any automatically applied value by choosing None.

Decimal Places

The Decimal Places options allow you to add or remove decimal places for your numbers. The Auto option will show up to decimal places. It is possible to show between and decimal places using the Fixed option.

Unit options

The Unit options allow you to add up to characters to the beginning or end of your number to indicate what it shows.

ProfitWell metrics supported

You can display the following daily ProfitWell revenue and customer metrics:

Revenue metrics

Money (GDP) format

  • Churned MRR
  • Downgraded MRR
  • New MRR
  • Reactivated MRR
  • Total MRR
  • Upgraded MRR

Customer metrics

Number format

  • Churned customers
  • Downgraded customers
  • New customers
  • Reactivated customers
  • Total customers
  • Upgraded customers
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