Connect your Intercom data to Geckoboard
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This is a Pro data source. If not available on your plan please upgrade or contact our support team.

To get started with our Intercom data source, you'll need to connect your Intercom account to Geckoboard. If you're using Intercom's free plan you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan as it doesn't allow API access.

  1. After adding a new widget from your dashboard, click Connect via Intercom on the connection panel.

    intercom authentication box
  2. In Intercom's authorization window, click Authorize access. This creates a connection and authenticates your Intercom account so that we can import data from the last 31 days.

    intercom authentication box

    We'll continue to import as new data is added.

  3. You'll now be returned to your dashboard and your new Intercom widget. Importing your data could take a little while, but this will happen only once per new Intercom connection and will speed up your experience from then on.

To connect a different Intercom account to the one you've already connected to Geckoboard, see connect multiple accounts to data sources.

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